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Orthotics (insoles)

Orthotics can be very useful in relieving postural pain in the back, hips, knees, legs and feet. Prescription Functional Foot Orthoses are designed to alter the mechanical forces that are applied to the foot and other structures including the knees, hips and back. In altering these forces the podiatrist is able to reduce stress on these structures aiding recovery from injury and preventing further injury. In order to produce your Functional Foot Orthotic we take a mold of your feet using a special sock that hardens to the shape of the foot, this impression is then sent to our laboratory with your individual prescription that will allow much more fluid motion in your body this in turn will reduce stresses in those areas that are causing pain. Orthotics can also be used to minimise pressure to redistribute load to prevent corns and calluses as well as ulcers in diabetic patients, these are called accommodative insoles and are often less rigid than functional devices.

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