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Pillows for feet®

Dermal filler injections into the ball of the foot can augment the fat pad found underneath the ball of the foot, the fat pad provides protection from the forces applied to the foot when in a normal standing position. But when the foot is in high heels the position of the metatarsal heads and fat pad shifts. The fat pad moves, resulting in additional pressure on the metatarsal heads and much more load being put through them, this can lead to pain and a burning sensation in the sole of the foot. As we age the fat pad becomes thinner and the discomfort occurs more often when wearing heels and sometimes can be a problem even in flat shoes.

The use of dermal fillers in the Pillows for feet® procedure provides an alternative to surgery for this type of problem and results can last up to one year, Dermal fillers like Restylane and Sculptra have been used for many years in plastic surgery and have a proven track record for safety. Although the Pillows for feet® procedure is a conservative procedure you will always have a consultation prior to the procedure being undertaken with a Podiatrist who has many years experience with this procedure and who will be able to select the right dermal filler to suit your requirements.

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